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Robo-journo beta open to all

The first report generated by software rather than a human reporter appeared in March last year. It was about an earthquake in Southern California.

Now a company called Automated Insights has made a beta version of its software available for anyone to try, says Wired:

Wordsmith, a platform that provides so-called robot journalists to organisations, is now available to the public.

The platform, owned by Automated Insights, provides “auto generated, data-heavy articles” on topics such as quarterly earnings and college sports. A beta version is available now on Wordsmith’s website, with a full launch expected in January 2016. The technology is already used by companies such as the Associated Press and Yahoo.

Anything that can be turned into a flow chart can be automated, as I heard Ben Hammersly put it at Learnfest this summer.

By Antony Mayfield

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