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Learning how to use Autographer

I’ve been trying out Autographer, the clip on, wearable camera that automatically takes pictures as you are walking around. Here’s an effort from the other morning – walking to a meeting from Fiveways to the Lanes in Brighton.

It’s taking time to get to grips with using the camera well – as you can see, I’m not quite there yet. The trickiest thing seems to be getting it clipped on to clothes so that it has a good angle.

The videos knitting together images are fun, but there are few individual shots that are really nice.

It’s not really effortless – you have to download, edit etc. – and a lot of shots are poor, you need to take them out.

Also interesting is the perspective it gives you on privacy. Wearing an Autographer, you become a surveillance camera of sorts, mindful that you are recording, you turn for interesting views to capture them and feel awkward when you are around people. They may not know they are being photographed – in fact, they probably don’t. Does this matter in a public place, or are is it invasive?

By Antony Mayfield

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