When the future happens to you


Reading The Everything Store at the moment, and came across this quote from Jeff Bezos…

Amazon isn’t happening to the book business. The future is happening to the book business.

Makes me think that that may be the simplest non-jargonised way of describing disruption in the digital age – the future is happening to you.

You might say that Jeff Bezos is happening to the future, more than the future is happening to him.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

4 responses to “When the future happens to you”

  1. Uh, shouldn’t that be Jeff Bezos?

    Interesting slip, that one… :)

  2. I’m glad someone’s paying attention – cheers, Adam. And yes… an interesting slip from several angles…

  3. I like to read things before I consider sharing them. Somebody should write a post about that… ;)

  4. Ouch. I really deserved that one… :)

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