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Mix tapes , a set on Flickr.

These are some of my mix tapes.

I’ve digitised these using the ION Tape2PC system, but I’ve found it hard to throw them away.

Anyone of my generation or thereabouts will remember how important cassette tapes were. The music, but also the object, that followed you through so much.

For instance, the Mind & Body mix tape followed me from living in Kew while I was at Sixth Form college, through university and some trips to California, living in the Netherlands for a while and on to the world of work, before CDs, mini-discs and then, decisively, MP3s edged them out and I had to specifically buy equipment last year to be able to hear and record them.

Looking at them now, I’m taken with the patina those years and much use left on them. Also it makes me think about their fragility. Some tapes died in machines, tangled up and beyond repair. Others were simply lost – at parties, one in a jacket at a club.

Realising how much they meant to me, I took these close up portraits. I think I’ll get them printed too…

By Antony Mayfield

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