More than tools


Minimalist writing apps  – such as IAWriter for iPad and Mac (PC equivalents are available) – are very popular with writers. They help focus, because they let you push everything else to the sides.

Where else in our day can we push distracting things to the edges a little more? How can we focus more. It feels like a battle on three fronts…

  • Tools: We start with an app that helps us focus, but there is always another way to interrupt ourselves, knock ourselves out of flow.
  • Mindfulness: We need to be aware of how our brain is working and what is happening when we are focused and when we are interrupted or we distract ourselves.
  • Habits: We need to re-wire our brains to avoid distraction and hit peak performance when we are working in a focused way. We need to be able to *decide* when to be diffuse or open.

You can’t solve this stuff with apps. Not just apps, anyway.

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