This, I did not  know:

UK drones have been used in almost 350 attacks in Afghanistan since 2008 (that’s a drone strike every four days), and recently moved to double the size of its fleet of reaper drones.

James Bridle thinks it is something more people should know about and has created an  Instagram profile called Dronestagram where he posts Google Maps satellite images of the places where recent attacks have happened.

For a few weeks now, I have been posting images of the locations of drone strikes to the photo-sharing site Instagram as they occur (there’s more on the methodology below). Making these locations just a little bit more visible, a little closer. A little more real:

The use of drones in warfare is not something I necessarily disagree with, and I’m not taking a position here on the wars that we are using them in.

What does interest me is that we hear so little about this part of the wars our country is waging, and that a little Instagram account is one of the better places to find out about it…




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