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The social problem with reputation scoring

Reputation scores: Should you look?

Reputation scoring – systems, like Kred, Klout and Peerindex that take a look at your online behaviour and put a number against it – are here to stay, like it or not.

As someone who wrote a book about managing online reputation, you might think that I’d be all in favour of systems that call attention to the fact that everything we do online affects our influence. So far, however, I’ve found more problems to the concept than benefits. At the very least, it’s not something we should use lightly, without a thought to the consequences on our behaviour and the quality of our conversations and communities.

The social problem with reputation scoring

A while ago, I said that reputation scores are corrosive. The point I was making is that seeing a metric that is affected by doing things differently online can skew behaviours in sometimes unhelpful ways.