Pinterest can actually be useful, shock

Feeling a bit queasy from the over-chatter aboutĀ Pinterest, I had it relegated to my list of “wait and see” web services (which Fourquare still sits on, while other less fortunate services have since faded into obsolesence).

Today, though, I actually found a use for the thing. Putting together some thoughts and a presentation around a metaphor about engines I developed a strong but powerful desire to collate a lot of images of Victorian engineering (this is not unusual, I could probably describe atavistic frenetic gathering as part of “my process”).

Once I would have dragged and dropped these into Curio, or perhaps saved them to a Posterous blog (well done them, by the way – couldn’t think of a better buyer than Twitter).

But Pinterest is absolutely perfect for that task. Love it. Maybe even finally understand it a littleā€¦

Now if you have any favourite Victorian machine images you’d like to drop in there for me, I’d be most grateful…

ZZ576E7810 :)

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