#webshadows blog | Me and My Web Shadow published in the USA today!

Image: Making final edits to the book in the Intelligensia coffeeshop in Los Angeles, CA

Image: Working on the final edits of Me & My Web Shadow in the Intelligensia coffee shop in Los Angeles

Today is the official publication date for Me and My Web Shadow in the USA, where it is being published by Bloomsbury USA.

I’m thrilled that the book will be available in the US, where I spend so much of my time these days.

If you’re reading this in America and have a copy – let me know what you think… even more importantly, if you could leave a review on Amazon.com or elsewhere I would be very grateful. There are some great Amazon reviews on the UK Amazon store and they are really helpful to people deciding whether to buy or not.

If you would like to get your hands on a copy, the ads on the right of this page will take you to the appropriate Amazon store, and it is widely available in US book stores.

And, of course, Me & My Web Shadow is available on the Amazon Kindle platform, so you can read it on Kindles and indeed your PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad. Also, if you are a Sony Reader owner it is available for that device.

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  1. Just ordered my copy. I expect an autograph on the inside cover, assuming we ever actually get to meet in person…


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