My book is officially on sale tomorrow – but part of me wishes it was free…

There was a moderately strong correlation (r=.65) between downloads and Internet print sales (the more books that were downloaded, the more books were purchased online). Thus if more books had been available and downloaded the number of additional books sold would likely have increased.

Fascinating findings from a dissertation about how giving away free ebooks increases sales.

Makes me think…

Tomorrow’s the official publication date for Me & My Web Shadow in the UK (though many people already have their copies from Amazon already).

The first e-book I wrote was given away free on the iCrossing website. It was downloaded tens of thousands of times, re-printed as part of textbooks and as a standalone book in business schools in India and on marketing courses at UK universities. It was translated into Chinese where it has also been downloaded thousands of times and earned us lots of love link love.

So glad we didn’t ask for any money.

Now I have a proper, old-school, dead-tree book out there, I can’t get rid of the impulse to give it away. I’m so impatient for people to read it and just *know* it would sell a lot more if I was allowed to give it away.

Don’t think that will happen just yet (although it is available for the giveaway price of just £6.99 on Amazon now ;-)).

Anyway, just to satisfy my urge a little more to give it away first comment here and maybe the first Tweet on this post gets a free copy. I’ll even sign it if you like… :-)

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