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Photos from Likemind Brighton January 2010

I seem to be getting to Likemind Brighton more regularly these days, which is great. It’s monthly gathering in the Redroaster coffee shop, sometimes with a theme – January’s was bringing ?an object that made sound.
You never really know who you’ll meet or what you’ll talk about but I always come away after an hour or two with two or three great ideas – plus nice conversations and amazing coffee. Likemind events take place all around the world on the same day each month – if there is one near you it may be worth checking out.
In the photos you’ll see three sound related objects that took my fancy:
1. An FM3 Buddha Machine:?I’m not sure who brought this along, but it was amazing.?A group called FM3 released its album in this dedicated MP3 player with a speaker built in. There’s a switch on the side which let’s you move forward or backward by one track.
2. A tiny music box thing:?Curtis had punched holes in one strip of paper to play a Kraftwerk medley. Which was nice.
3.?A CD of ReComposed by Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald:?Will brought this album to Likemind.?It’s amazing and I was utterly besotted with it before I’d listened to it even once.?If you have Spotify you can listen to it here.???

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