How to stream BBC radio live on your iPhone

My iPhone has replaced/displaced a lot of gadgets and habits in my life, one of them being listening to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme in the mornings on a small radio that I carried with me as I shuffled around the house getting ready to go to work.

As I couldn’t get the live feed over the web, listening to podcasts on the iPhone speakers kind of took over from that. All well and good, but I’ve always missed the Today programme.

So I’m delighted to have found a way to listen live again. Here’s how:

  1. Download the free FStream application (search “fstream” on the iTunes store. It’s a French app, but don’t lt the language put you off if you don’t speak it.
  2. Copy one of the following URLs from (bizarrely I couldn’t do it from that website on the iPhone, hence replicating them here).
  3. Open Fstream and tap on “Favorites” then “Edit” then “Add new webradio”.
  4. Add the name of the station, paste the URL in the appropriate box and ut MP3 in the format box (the bitrate is 128 but I don’t tink you need to fill that bit in).
  5. Stream happily for a few days and if you love it then go to the donation link in FStream (More/Donate) – NB: also survives on donations, so maybe split your donation if you really love it.

There you go…

Antony Mayfield
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  1. I was using that until I discovered RadioBox (ooh I sound like Victor Kayyam). It’s a good app. Works on 3G as well as wifi.

  2. hello all, the best and easiest site to listen to live bbc radio is:

    You can easily stream all bbc radio channels + sports in or outside the UK. You will find all channels in both real media, and windows media player. It also works very well with any internet connected mobile device. Iphone compatible.


  3. Really impressed with RadioBox – much simpler than FStream. Thanks, Neil!

    Mark – too – which has the virtue of also being free – is excellent as well… I particularly like that you can change the download speed…

  4. As a result of reading this post, I have tried both FStream and RadioBox. Fantastic! Thanks guys. How did we live without our iPhones? I know it has only existed for 5 years and I’m older than 5, but I can’t remember what life was like before it.

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