iCrossing’s first iPhone app launches

Naturally delighted to see the official?launch of iCrossing’s first iPhone application today…
It’s called “Say What?” and is a nifty iPhone sized piece of social media monitoring / search goodness (but I would say that wouldn’t I?).
iCrossing’s Say What app checks a keyword across blogs, Digg and Twitter search, so it’s a nice, quick way of taking the temperature on a brand or topic. Talking to some of the guys who developed it in iCrossing LA, they said they found themselves using it a bit like a super-powered Twitter search, finding out what the web was saying about braking news topics.
It’s good to see it there for a number of reasons, not least that agencies like us should be making these kinds of apps for themselves and their customers, not just on behalf of others. Apps and tools are as much a part of useful content as white papers, blog posts and case studies.
So, if you’ve got an iPhone please do try it out (it’s free) and let us know what you think. Naturally we’re already plotting new versions and ideas for all sorts of other apps.
Here’s the link to the US iTunes store download if you’d like to get it now… and in the UK you can get it here.
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