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Disconnecting the Delicious feed
Disconnecting the Delicious feed

Disconnecting the Delicious feed


Image: Open is, er, Open again?

This is the first time I’ve used the WordPress app for the iPhone, but hopefully not the last – it only just occurred to me that with the cut and paste function added it would actually be a little more useful than it had been.

I’ve mid-way through my writing marathon to finish the bulk of Web Shadows now. Thanks very much for the brilliant comments on my last post about the book, by the way – they were all very useful indeed in qualifying, challenging and adding to the approach.

Anyway, I have decided to start blogging again even though there’s a way to go with the manuscript. Writing about the web, about living in networks, and doing it for an imagined audience that is not immersed in the social web has been a highly useful exercise for me personally.

I come back to the principle or rule that “make the tools work for you (not the other way round). Sometimes by stopping, by abstaining, we get a better perspective on what we are doing and why.

Euan has a great train of thought rolling related to this at the moment: “don’t just do something, stand there”.

Wonderful stuff. Hyperactive as I am sometimes I need displacement activity to stop doing something. Mountain biking and writing a book in this instance.

Anyway, I’ll be turning off the Delicious bookmark feed today (which I turned on by way of a curatorial screensaver, I suppose) and will be looking to blog – even briefly – about the more interesting things I find.

If you enjoyed the daily links let me know – but you can still see them in the sidebar of this blog, or get the feed direct from Delicious.

If you have kept on subscribing to Open then thanks very much for bearing with me. I hope I can repay your continued attention with some minds, finds and conversations soon…