SXSW and Pepsico

OK, so I really wish I was at the uber-geek gathering SXSW. Ho hum. Packing up the house instead – I will get over it.

Was particularly interested to see that the whole thing was being sponsored by Pepsico.

i’d like to think that while the company justified its spend largely in traditional terms (opnion formers, blah blah, drink brands like Mountain Dew sposnoring certain elements of the event) that this is most likely about social web literacy. The sponsorship gets the company’s people in the thick of it, playing with the platforms. I was espacially taken with this good looking aggregator that catgorises what SXSW Tweetists are up to (Sunday morning UK time, they’re partying on Saturday night still).

Image: Pepsico's SXSW Twitter aggregator
Image: Pepsico's SXSW Twitter aggregator

Pepsico’s one of the growing number of big brands that over the last year has made senior appointments to lead its work around the social web and engagement.

It looks like a company that’s learning, spreading web literacy within.

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