Ideo labs blog & multi-touch for everyone


I had a near-IDEO experience earlier this year when I was in California talking about social media and innovation to the same people that they were talking to about design thinking and innovation. I’d heard whispers of them before, but this closer glimpse left a big impression. It’s a fascinating organisation that generates incredibly interssting ideas…

Now via Chris Hand (via the very cool Design-Feed.Net aggregator) I see that IDEO has a new blog:

IDEO Labs is a place where we can show bits of what we’re working on, talk about prototyping, and share our excitement over the tools that help us create.

Worth checking out for the series of recent posts on how to build your own multi-touch screen (you know like that Jeff Han multi-touch screen). I want one, I want one, I want one.


Image: Jeff Han demonsttrating a two person multi-touch screen (see the video for more).

: : Bonus geekery. Also via IDEO Labs, check out this video by Johnny Chung Lee of how to make your own interactive whiteboard on any surface using a Wii controller , a PC and a couple of components… Exciting to see these new technologies being made accessible so quickly…

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