Sao Paolo’s Ad-Free Photo Laureate Wins Prize


Delighted to hear via Josh Spear that Tony De Marco, the Brazilian photographer who documented the stripping of Sao Paolo’s outdoor advertising, has won

And it’s another excuse to point to the incredible images, many of which Tony De Marco has posted on Flickr.

For me the images are a constant inspiration. They are a vivid, visual allegory for the “take down” of advertising as a all-conquering marketing medium in our lives – online and elsewhere. I like to think of them asa cautionary tale for marketers in a way – if you can’t make advertising be useful people will take own the billboards…


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  1. REALLY irritating though, that Sky has clearly used them as an inspiration to promote their “ad free” Movies channel IN AN ADVERT to the tune of the lovely “Pure Imagination” from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie (starring the even more lovely Gene Wildman).


  2. […] one day we may go a guerilla digital ad too far and get regulated into the ground, like Sao Paolo? And then someone can make an ad about the ad-lessness… Ah, what an […]

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