Tech journalist comment-mobbed by IBM Lotus Notes, er, fans…(?)



Image: One of the ridiculously pro-IBM comments on a rather mildly critical blog post about IBM…

Computer Weekly stalwart, Cliff Saran wrote a post that was mildly critical of IBM‘s inability to answer a question about running Lotus Notes on Windows Vista (that sort of thing has to be purely theoretical research or some kind of penance, right?).

Anyway, what he got was a good dozen or more comments from people angry at his position on this – here are four examples:

please tell me who your boss is, I would like to complain about your lack of real content.”

You make one simple request, to which you already know the answer. You don’t get a response to your “duh” question. Then you, due to your position as the owner of the IT FUD blog, totally insult with malice, a company that continues to drive IT into the future.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is for ANY vendor to support an infinite number of versions of their software, just because a handful of customers are too lazy or too tight-fisted to upgrade? Especially in a Microsoft environment!

This is truly pathetic. With our shop heavily invested in IBM, I came across this headline and thought it’d be of interest. It’s clear this loser has a beef because IBM won’t kow-tow to trivial demands from a whacko journalist to completely revise their certification paths.

Cliff pops up in the comments section himself to point out the pathetically, bleeding obvious:

I’ve put my name to this blog posting, unlike some of the people here, hiding their comments to my posting behind private email addresses, who clearly have a vested interest in IBM.

Is there really a happy band of Lotus Notes users out there? Was Cliff Saran’s post really so poor that it incited a torrent of invective from independent readers who couldn’t stand to see an IT journalist take a pop at Big Blue or other big technology companies (which is basically a big part of what tech journos do in the UK)?

It’s clear that person or persons unknown with an interest in IBM have taken it upon themselves to mob Cliff in his comments. You expect this kind of thing from the more rabid members of the Church of Apple – but Lotus Notes?

Or – if you want a really piquant conspiracy theory with your afternoon tea – could it be that someone has mounted a commenting barrage on Cliff Saran’s blog in order to make IBM look like its playing silly games with social media?

Anyhow, anyone outside of religion/Macs/politics seen this sort of shameful comment-mobbing?

By Antony Mayfield

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