You want marketers to talk straight?: try Huawei

Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei – they make everything from 3G base stations to the USB modem dongles that suddenly everyone seems to have – is trying to buy

Not for the first time (remember the Dubai Ports World shambles) we can see that when it comes to takeover battles, patriotism is becoming the last resort of scoundrels in American corporate life.

Mutterings in Washington about the security implications of a Chinese company owning the company that runs the Pentagon’s firewalls have raised tempers at the company and incited the CMO to give a – ahem – forthright rebuttal according to the FT:

The Chinese company participating in the planned buy-out of a US telecoms equipment maker has angrily rounded on US politicians who claim the deal could endanger US national security.

Xu Zhijun, chief marketing officer at Huawei Technologies, told the Financial Times that the concerns expressed by some US lawmakers were “bullshit”.


Image: Xu Zhijun, CMO of Huawei, calls politicians as he sees them… 

Via Mark Andreesen

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