Presidential candidate launches campaign on YouTube

John Edwards has kicked off his campaign to become the Democratic candidate for the US presidency with a video on YouTube. He has a bunch of bloggers and vloggers on side already to help him campaign via social media.


In the past we’ve seen politicians in the US courting influencers in the social media space. In this race, we should see online as a key medium. Too early to say it will be the race that defines social media as a key way for candidates to reach the electorate in the way that the 1960 Presidential election did for TV, but you wouldn’t be surprised if it was, would you?

Via Buzzmachine:

The digital cool doesn’t end there. Edwards tells you to text the word “hope” to a given number to get more instructions; how mobile. As NewTeeVee reports, he has Robert Scoble trailing around with a camera as well. He’s “live-bloggin” (their usage, not the usual meaning) at Daily Kos. He’s trying to create is own sort of Peace Corps called One Corps with people signing up online to do good deeds under his brand (they will “fight poverty” and, oh, while they’re at it, flog candidates who “support One America ideals’ [that was the old name of this campaign effort] and spread the word by calling radio stations). And tonight he’s having an online town hall from Iowa.

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