Parental purdah over

Have been almost solely domestic-focused that past week as we bedded in baby 2.0 at home. I managed to watch some news and read the odd feed, but there’s not been time for posting.

First off, thanks very much to everyone who emailed or left comments on Open following the pics and news I posted about the birth of Scarlett-Lily. Happy to report that everything is going very well for mother, child and Scarlett-Lily’s older brother, Luther. I owe a lot of people an email will be catching up with my inbox over the next few days.

In the coming weeks I reckon I will need to be very picky about what I blog about as opportunities to blog are going to be even thinner on the ground than before the new baby arrived. Maybe that’s no bad thing.

First a catch-up – what week to be out of the online-loop!

That was the week that…

  • Reuters had to withddraw images of the fighting in Lebanon that one of their freelancers had photo-shopped them to make them more dramatic. It added fuel to the flames of bloggers already claiming that many western news media outfits are biased against Israel and exaggerating civilian deaths…
  • Jacki Danicki took on the alleged astroturfing of blogs PR firm Pierce Mattie,  something the agency strenuously denied. But overall looks like they have mud on their faces (latest from Jackie here). Grateful online PRs everywhere notching up another negative case study to scare off clients and colleagues who want to use unethical (not to say naïve and stupid) tactics in blogging campaigns….
  • Yet another survey confirmed what everyone knows – kids are deserting TV for the web…
  • Digg is on the cover of BusinessWeek, though as usual there’s a fuss about the detail of the stats among blogerati (never heard of journalistic spin, the story is king etc, guys?)…
  • And the biggest ever terrorist attack on the UK that (thankfully) never was caused an outbreak of cynicism and conspiracy theories of a hundred different political colours and shades… but more of that later…

It was also the week that I changed more nappies than I thought possible. But that’s the last off-topic mention of bundles-of-joy for a while. Thanks to the kind people at Typepad I now have a Vox blog as an outlet for the gigabytes of coo-able cuteness in jpeg and mpeg formats…

Good to be back. :-)

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  1. Actually Anthony rather than simply wallowing in mud and drama Pierce Mattie did a pretty damn fine job of moving constructively forward. It is a shame that other online PRs will use this example as a scare tactic. The blogosphere isn’t such a bad place and firms like Pierce Mattie owning up to their mistakes and working towards a solution are doing their part so that we can all work together.

    My thoughts are here:

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