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If you haven’t tried Pandora – do!
If you haven’t tried Pandora – do!

If you haven’t tried Pandora – do!

I’ve used it for ages but never written about it and I just have to say: I love Pandora.

If you’ve never tried it – just please do. You enter a track or an artist that you like and then it finds you tracks of people that it thinks you will like.

I was writing an article about avoiding information overload and distractions at work the other day – and Pandora is also useful for this.

It’s a simple,, fast way to set up a stream of music to work to – and you don’t have to even think about what tunes to play or worry that putting your music collection on "shuffle" will mean having to keep fast-forwarding when tracks that incongruous with your work mood of the moment come on.

Every time you set up a stream of music it becomes a "station" on your Pandora home page, so you I find now that I’ve got a set of "stations" that suit my different work-moods – from "come on then let’s blast this copy" to "playful creative whimsy" through "furiously keen to finish this difficult document".

And when you discover great bands you’ve heard of you can quickly bookmark them in Pandora so you don’t even get distracted but suddenly having to take a note of that great new sound.

My favourite stations on there at the moment are Lamb, Joy Division, Jay-Z, Buena Vista Social Club, Beth Orton and Curtis Mayfield.

Almost tempted to start a "if you listen to Pandora what are five top stations right now" meme. But I won’t…

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