What’s on my mind? Look at my del.icio.us tag-cloud

If you know the del.icio.us service then you know that you give each and every bookmark you file "tags" (key words). Well, there’s a little feature on it called tagrolls, which let’s you build pictures of tags or tag-clouds as they are known in the blog trade.

If you have a look at mine (below), its quite easy to see what’s on my mind these days (or at least what pages I’m squirelling away references to). The bigger the word, the more I haved tagged things to do with it.


I really like the tag-cloud way of looking at the world, at information: by turning words into picutres of a kind.

Written words in a a linear way is limiting when it comes to expressing or organising ideas – hence the popularity of mind maps in recent years/ Mind maps that let you plot notes or thinking as spider-web like diagrams, peppered with pictures (a subject, by the way, which my father is something of an expert on: take a look at his blog here).

We’re seeing tag-clouds pop up in all sorts of places, and I expect to see them pop up in more from now on. I noticed one in the side-bar of Factiva‘s Search 2.0 beta the other day, to name but one.

By Antony Mayfield

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