The leadership of Nelson

As the Battle of Trafalgar celebrations continue here in the UK I’m linking below to an interesting post about Nelson’s leadership. But first, a tangential, anecdotal introduction…

I was presenting to a group of IT professionals about PR a couple of days ago, mainly dealing with basic media relations techniques. But there was one question from the floor – unprompted – that got everyone, not least myself, into a heated and productive discussion: "What do you make of blogs?"…

The guy who asked the question told me that he had recently been introduced to blogs by his 12-year-old son and had immediately "got it". The media was changing before his eyes. He needed to understand more.

Ironically, I was introduced to the real power of the blogosphere by my fifty-something father, Patrick Mayfield, who runs a training and consultancy firm. Now that I think back, he also introduced me to my first computer gaming experience (the underwhelming-event-at-the-time Star Trek game on a mainframe), my first home computer, email in the early 1990s and web browsing in the mid 90s. One day I will introduce him a new wave of technology, I’m sure.

Here’s his paean to the leadership of Nelson. If you’re interested in leadership, project management (especially PRINCE 2) or mind-mapping the rest of his blog is worth a browse. 

By Antony Mayfield

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