52% of bloggers have had contact with PR

Steve Rubel carries the story that Edelman’s survey found that 48% of bloggers have yet to encounter PR professionals. He expects that to change. And soon, the poor things.

If you want to take a look at the findings of the Edelman survey, they are at: https://extranet.edelman.com/bloggerstudy/

I was surprised that 52% had been contacted, to be honest. Does that make me naive or behind the times? Or British.

We’re not quite as engaged with connected media here yet, some
say.  A friend who went to a blog conference the other week in
Cambridge said that was down to the fact that we’re just a little more
reserved here and less comfortable with the kind of up front, public
honesty that blogs demand. Rings true. But maybe we’re just taking our

I can’t agree with Mr Rubel more though when he says that PR people
need to spend less time thinking about monitoring and analysis tools
(if they are even doing that) and just get int here and start reading
blogs, using the new media, joining in the conversations.

I’ve started blogging on a small scale to do just that. Try it out now
I have been reading the things for a good while. I’ve also started a
"closed circuit" blog with a client which is working very well for both
of us as a place to swap ideas and play with the medium without being
self-conscious. I’ll tell you more about that another time.

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