Book: Me and My Web Shadow

Me and My Web Shadow: How to Manage Your Online Reputation, by Antony Mayfield

What happens when someone puts your name into Google? Or Facebook? If you don’t know, it’s time you found out, and discovered your web shadow.

Your web shadow is the mark you make on the web, the trace of you that people can see there. It is the sum of your online presence.
Me and My Web Shadow, helps you to:
  • understand how what’s said about you on the Web can affect your job, your business and your personal life, both positively and negatively;
  • develop a personal plan for managing your online presence and reputation;
  • protect yourself against identity hijacking, personal attacks and cyber-bullying;
  • create new career and business opportunities by taking part in social networks and other online communities.

You need to know how to look after what people see when they look for you online and Me and My Web Shadow is the essential book that helps you to understand and manage your personal presence with a little bit more certainty.

Sample of Me and My Web Shadow

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