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Our new book for Nokia on teams and flow


This week Brilliant Noise published the third of the books for Nokia’s Smarter Everyday B2B programme Teams That Flow.

I’m biased, but I think it’s really good – following in the vein of cool stuff about working in the connected age that we explored in Design Your Day and Mobile Mastery books.

As a collection, they are some of my favourite work that we’ve produced so far – with beautiful design from our friends at Endless. It’s practical, useful stuff – and we’ve had brilliant feedback from readers. It’s also frankly stuff that I find really interesting – one of those cases of merging a passion with work.ZZ3335C723


Image: One of the lovely illustrations for Teams That Flow. 

It’s free and you can download it as a PDF from Slideshare or take a look at the embedded Scribd thing below…

Teams That Flow – eBook from Nokia by Antony Mayfield

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Dan Wieden quotes to cheer small agencies

An AdAge article from a few months ago has a couple of bits of advice from Dan Wieden – founder of the formidable creative ad agency Wieden+Kennedy –  that make me feel a little brighter, a little bolder a little hungrier everytime I read them (like now at the beginning of a long busy day, at the end of a long, hectic week).

In fact I have them written on big yellow Post-its that migrate from desk to wall to my “brown box” (we have a hot-desk system at Brilliant Noise).

In a talk to the Ad Age Small Agency conference he reflected on the massive, rolling disruption of the media, marketing and business worlds there is massive opportunity for us upstarts…

Giant agencies are wobbling like drunkards… the rest of you should be sharpening your knives.


Oh, how I wish this agency was… small once again. Oh how I wish we were you.

Thanks, Mr Wieden – very much appreciated.