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Matt Locke on attention patterns – notes from Media Future Dublin

At Media Future 2012 in Dublin last week, in a talk titled “May We Have Your Attention Please”, I finally got to hear Matt Locke (organiser of the amazing The Story conference and founder of consultancy Storythings) expanding on some of his ideas around the relationship between attention, the way it is measured and the media formats and businesses that evolve in different media.

Having taken a ton of notes, I thought I would digest them by way  by way of this blog post. If you’re looking for notes and slides from my own talk – Advanced Persistent Opportunities – they are over on the Brilliant Noise blog.

An age of spiky attention

Matt began by declaring this an age of spiky attention. He illustrated this with a visualisation called a Twitter constellation of 40 seconds of Twitter activity – see Isaac Hepworth of Twitter’s blog for more on these.

Bursts of small networks fill the screen, each a Tweet being posted and Re-Tweeted, each firework-like pattern representing a small (or large) spike in attention around a link or an image.