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Smells like social media meaning

Falsche freunde. False friends. You hear a phrase that sounds like one you already know and misinterpret it…

As I’ve said before this happens all the time with the word “networks”. We’re so used to hearing it, prefaced by social-, computer-, broadcast, etc. that we think we know what it means.

Public notebook

Pinterest can actually be useful, shock

Feeling a bit queasy from the over-chatter aboutĀ Pinterest, I had it relegated to my list of “wait and see” web services (which Fourquare still sits on, while other less fortunate services have since faded into obsolesence).

Today, though, I actually found a use for the thing. Putting together some thoughts and a presentation around a metaphor about engines I developed a strong but powerful desire to collate a lot of images of Victorian engineering (this is not unusual, I could probably describe atavistic frenetic gathering as part of “my process”).

Once I would have dragged and dropped these into Curio, or perhaps saved them to a Posterous blog (well done them, by the way – couldn’t think of a better buyer than Twitter).

But Pinterest is absolutely perfect for that task. Love it. Maybe even finally understand it a littleā€¦

Now if you have any favourite Victorian machine images you’d like to drop in there for me, I’d be most grateful…

ZZ576E7810 :)