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Transgressions: Noobs, boobs and Facebook privacy

A tangled web of transgressions...

Privacy is one of the most complex social, political and commercial issues on the web. It’s not a single issue at all really, it’s a seething mass of issues, struggles, norms being negotiated, lines being re-drawn…

For privacy, read: change. Read: brave new world. Read: cry for help. Read: incitement to revolt.

A few years ago, Matt Locke wrote an incredibly useful essay called Six spaces of social media (secret, group, publishing, performing, partcipation and watching), in an attempt to pry definitions of social spaces away from technical and platform ones and focus minds on what was actually happening in these spaces. You know, the interesting, human stuff. All of these spaces might exist in Facebook, for instance, or in a forum, or across several platforms (Twitter/blog/Facebook/email is a common combination).

Now he’s come back to the topic with a post about transgressions, that is to say when other users or the platform owners do things with your stuff (data, identity, images etc.) that you didn’t want them to.

Public notebook

My iPad article in the Word Magazine – a set on Flickr

A series of serendipitous events has led to having an article about the iPad published in this month’s The Word magazine.

It covers my impressions of living and working with the iPad for the past two months (very good, since you ask).

I’d forgotten the joy of being in print… and they kindly included my brazen mention of Me and My Web Shadow.

Thanks very much @davidhepworth for the chance to write it.

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