People who bought Me and My Web Shadow also bought…

…The Wire Series 2, according to Amazon.

Congratulations if you have pre-ordered the UK edition of the book – you have excellent taste ;-)

Since I took this screengrab, Anathem by Neal Stephenson and Blink by Malcom Gladwell have been added to the “People Who Bought” section. Me and My Web Shadow is in good company!

“An open data movement”

The video below is a speech at TED by?Tim Berners-Lee on how open data around the world is being used from bike lanes in London to elections in Afghanistan. Thrilling to watch…

Open-mapping visualisations and how, after the earthquake, the Open Street Map of Port-au-Prince in Haiti quickly became *the* most accurate map of city following a collaborative effort of people around the world to process satellite data.

The Open Street Map map of Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Thanks to my colleague, Heather White Laird for the point.