Lessons from Scottish education on social media

Ewan McIntosh has written a superb tour de force on useful web 2.0 services over at his Edu.Blogs.com, which is a must-read for social media newbies and afficianados alike.

It’s the summary of a “splurge session” where Ewan and Mark Tennant discussed social media tools that might be useful to pupils in their Computer Studies. It covers a range of tools, services and cocmmunties around digital images, podcasting, collaboration, blogs and wikis.

Like I say, well worth a read… could just inspire you to find out more about the power of the new web (so much more of an elegant phrase than web 2.0).

Ewan’s the New Technologies Research Practitioner for Learning and Teaching Scotland.

After blogging about media companies innovating yesterday, I’m inspired by this example of a public sector organization here innovating like crazy, even one with as deservedly strong a reputation as the Scottish education system.

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